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Office of General Affairs
Office of General Affairs
Staff and Their Responsibilities

Location: the third floor of the Administration Building

Tel: 03-5714688

Fax: 03-5719177



Job Title


Campus phone


Vice President for General Affairs

Dung-Yung Yan, Ph. D.

571-4688 Administrating and supervising the Office of General Affairs.

Associate Vice President for General Affairs

Ching-Te Chiu, Ph. D.


l Assisting the Vice President for General Affairs.

l Coordinating and managing projects.

l Executing other assigned tasks.




l Initial processing of documents, correspondences and payment vouchers.

l Coordinating and managing the divisions of The Office of General Affairs.

l Scheduling meetings for the Office for General Affairs.

l Arranging V.P. 's schedule.

l Managing NTHU Academic Information System.

l Maintaining and updating electronic databases of official documents.

l Additional work includes implementing other clerical work assigned by the V.P. for the Office of General Affairs.