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Office of General Affairs of National Tsing Hua University
Office of the Dean of General Affairs

Location: the third floor of the Administration Building

Tel: 03-5714688
Major services:

1. Receiving and dispatching official documents and mails.

2. Filing and preserving official docu...
Major services:

1. Maintaining campus public environment

2. Labor and health insurance affairs

3. Management of...
Major services:

1. Handling payroll and incidentals.

2. Receiving and paying checks, cash, remittance bills, certi...
Major services:

1. Administrating university real estate, properties and dormitories.

2. Management of scientif...
Major services:

1. Maintaining campus buildings and utilities lifelines (water, electricity, gas, etc.)

2. Plannin...
Major services:

1. Operating and examining public bidding for property and labor service.

2. Purchasing and inspec...
Major services:

1. Maintaining campus safety and transportation order.

2. Controlling the main entrances of the ca...